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Skogfjorden Responds to Incidents in Norway

As news of the Oslo bombing and subsequent Utoeya shooting trickled in over the day, Tove Dahl and her staff worked to help the villagers understand what happened and began helping villagers formulate a response:

“We gathered the village and talked with the villagers, staff and kitchen staff about what was known as facts at that time.  I described the places and the acts, but not much about the outcomes since so little is confirmed.  The villagers, as usual, proved to be wise souls.  They get what we have to do:  what we are already doing — and more.   From here on out, the villagers are going home with the goal of being aware and raising awareness around this incident.  We are going to talk about it — with each other and with others.  We are going to work even harder at walking our Language Villages and Skogfjorden talk — being the change that we wish to see in our world — reflecting our ridderverdighet in our next steps.”

Parents arriving on Saturday morning for Skogfjorden’s final closing program of the summer had a more complete understanding of the events that transpired.  While the closing program focused on celebrating the accomplishments of the villagers and sharing the fun and learning of Skogfjorden with parents, Tove maintained the celebratory purpose of the program while bridging the events in Norway to the parents and villagers gathered at Skogfjorden.

Skogfjorden is this safe and homey place of ours where everything good seems possible,” according to Tove.  “Our sympathies go to Norway and to the Norwegian people affected by this tragedy.  We are keeping all our Norwegian friends in our thoughts.”

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