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My First Year at Camp

This story was transcribed word-for-word from Miri's original story.The Villages
By: Emmelyn Miri King, 8 years old

Hi, my name is Emmelyn and last year I was a beginer like you.  The way I decided my language village was that my dad went to Korea and I wanted to learn Korean.  I couldn’t wait!  Driving there you might be a little nervus on your way.  But It’s quite exiting.  When you arrive you have to wait in line to give them your passport and then they will give It back to you so you can get money out of and into your acount.  And then you pick out a name and then they will get you a piece of white string to put your nametag on.  And you will put your name on it.

Then you go to the nurse and they see if you have lice or not.  Then you will go to your cabin, set up your bed, and hug your parents goodbye.  When you go to your first meal you will eat with your cabin members, later on you will eat in a family.  My meal always had rice.

Tell your parents to send a package from home.  It might make you feel better.  Casino Night is really fun.  You play games until you have no more tokens.

At the end your parents come and you go home.

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